Ospreys Take Flight

Osprey survey

Earlier this summer, I had the unique opportunity to get up close with our mascot in its natural habitat. Several members from the Stockton community joined me on a trip out on the water to survey osprey nests along Absecon Creek.

President Kesselman with ospreyWe were invited by Thomas “Tim” Glenn III, president of Glenn Insurance and a Stockton University Foundation Board member, to join Ben Wurst, habitat program manager for the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey (CWFNJ), to survey osprey nests along Absecon Creek. This year, CWFNJ’s New Jersey Osprey Project is conducting a statewide census of nesting ospreys.

Glenn, a wildlife advocate, has supported CWFNJ’s conservation efforts and is an environmental steward who participates in local projects ranging from installing nesting platforms to monitoring local birds.

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